Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its nearly Christmas part 2

Try again.
Mattie is the 2nd on the left.
more photos
Sienna is the middle Next after the concert.
While in Buderim shopping on Friday I had to take these photos.
The Poinsianna (spello ?) trees are magnificant such a vivid red.

It is nearly Christmas

Greetings all,
Wow! where has the year gone.....I guess it happens when you are having fun.
Wendy and Colin came to visit on Wednesday. It was soooo good to see them and see Colin looking well and Wendy too. We had a lovely day even if we did get a shower or two. Gee good friends are so important as time goes by. Nothing can replace them. I am so lucky to have many good friends. I think there is a big difference between friends and aquaintances.
On Tuesday evening Sienna and Matahra had their Christmas concert on at school.
I did enjoy their items. They were so proud to be a part of it.

Both girls bought home their reports and as I expected both had beautiful work and great subject scores.
They have had a great year and have done their best. A bit like Kirrawee P.S motto "Our best always" shame they are not KPS as they always try to do their best at all times.
Yesterday we started the big job of decorating our home for Christmas. It is always a very big but very pleasant job to do. It is certainlt different to our Bangor home. Bob will not have to climb up on a second story to add the lights. I am looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. Oh the Christmas spirit. Bob bought me a lovely DVD Called the Celtic Women Sing Christmas. They have the voices of larks.
I have planted lots more things for my garden, petunias, a pink Frangapanni, An Australian Christmas bush (For his adorning) and a very bright orange hibiscus.
We had good rain last night so that will give them a good start.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patchwork Party 2008

Gretings again,
Just thought you may like to have a look at the blocks I am making, you can go to Shabby Fabrics in my web links.
Enter into the site and you can click onto the Patchwork Party icon and have a look at the patterns. I love them with the Maywood fabrics.

BFN Lorraine H

A beautiful day here

Greetings all,
The days here are just lovely, warm and sunny.
We did have lots and lots of rain last week. On Sunday night we were on the very last edge of the Brisbane storms. The rain was very heavy and we had 4 inches overnight followed by 2 more iches on Monday morning. In a way it was good to see how our home would fare.. No worries at all apart from the humidity.
I had another good day at Matahra's class last Tuesday. They are making lots of Christmas goodies and are so excited at the thought of Christmas coming. Tonight Siena College have their Christmas concert on and both Sienna and Mattie are walking around singing Christmas songs. I love it.
Last week Andrew was admitted to hospital with a reaaly bad elbow. He is on strong intravenious drip of antibiotics. He will know if he has to have surgery today.
I am busy doing the Winter 2008 blocks using the Maywood studio, Cottage Romance range.
12 quilt shops have produced a block using these fabrics and Marti Mitchell has made a set of templates for use making the blocks. I have even drafted each block as I make it in 6inch. The blocks are 12 inch blocks and have about 50 pieces to each block. I am really loving it heaps.
I am also making place mats and a table runner in Christmas fabrics. They are looking good too.
Tomorrow my very dear friends Wendy and Colin are coming to visit from Bowral in the Highlands of NSW. Wendy was my Mentor at Kirrawee Public school. I learned so much from her as a professional collegue and special friend. I look forward to seeing them.
Jennifer and friends are the only thing I miss about moving north. Jennifer and friends are all so very dear to me.
Jenny is coming here for Christmas on the 18th December and we have so much to show her here. I know she will love being here if only for 10 days. Hope the weather will be sunny and we can spend lots of time at the beach with all our family.
I will close now and wish you all my friends and family a happy week.
BFN Lorraine H

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This and That about my week.

Greetings all,
Well I have been a busy little butterfly the past week.
On Tuesday I spent a whole day at Matahra's class. I am amazed I could last the whole day. It was so godd and I really did enjoy being with the children.
They had a Prep Liturgy in the morning followed by a morning tea for children and parents.
Wednesday was pick up from school and the girls stayed here the night. Drop off Thursday morning and pick up. Friday was just pick up from after school care.
Just as well because I had a wonderful lunch at Banbu Cafe at Sippy Downs with some SCQ'ers and Cathy Miller the singing quilter from Canada. We did a show and tell. Cathy has made atiny wall quilt using 1/4" hexagons. It is great.
Then for dinner Sharron and Lee Bob and I had a great meal at the Lazy Gecko at Kaluin. Needless to say I just sat and hand pieced a block on Saturday.
Bob has set up our rather large water feature in the front garden and I love it. The water sounds waft into the Lounge room nicely.
Will post photos when I download them.
Andre Reiu was on pay T.V last night and all day today. I have enough songs in my mind to keep me singing for a week.

Wishing you all a happy week.
BFN Lorraine H

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gran,Chris and Logan Melb Cup Day

Christine on Melbourne Cup Day

Greetings all,

On Tuesday Chris Logan and I went to a great Luncheon at Bambu Resturant at Sippy Downs.

The food was good,as was the wine, company excellent, the fashion parade was from Meg's Boutique at Buderim, there were a few things I would love to own, the shoes from Shoe, Shoes at Mountain Creek, most of those I would love along with the handbags to match.

There were lots of raffle prizes. Chris won 2 I won 1 and no sweep wins, however I back the second place horse so not all was in vain.

Lots of ladies wore hats but sadly I could not find my hat that is still in a box. Obviously one that I have not opened since we moved.
We did enjoy the day.
Til next time
BFN Lorraine H