Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boxes, Boxes Boxes!

Greetings all,

Yes!!! we are packing, packing and more packing. I do not think I will ever get it all done in 2 weeks.
We move out on 1st August. Joe the removalist is coming tomorrow to take all our boxes, about 200 that we have packed. He has an empty truck to go back up so it will make his big pick up on the 1st much easier.

Our settlement was to take place on the 4th August but it is a Bank holiday in NSW on that day so it will have to be the Tuesday 5th now. Things work out fine as we can settle on Loch Lomond that day too.
Where did we get so much I do not know. We hope to leave on the Saturday and take an easy drive up, arriving at Christine's on Monday afternoon.

It is both a happy time yet sad to be leaving my many lovely friends but I am sure I will be back down for special occasions like Jenny's birth of her baby in February. Jenny is keeping really well and she is so happy I do love to see her smile so much. She is 11 weeks now.

We have a painting friend of Andrew's going to have a look at our new house to see how much it will cost to have the walls inside painted with our colour plan. He has just rang and will see if he can do it before we move in which would be really great...

I will have to see and get some sort of organising done. He is so lucky as he has the keys to go inside I wish I was there too. Bob and I can barely remember all the things in the house. I know I am going to be there for a long time and once we are in nothing else will matter then.
Must get back to some more boxes so until next time....
BFN Lorraine H

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lots have happened

Greetings all,
Many changes have taken place since my last post.
We had a lovely time in Qld with Sienna and co! for her 7th birthday birthday.
First photo is her day with her 3 friends on Sunday, where they went to McDonald's for lunch then to the movies to see Narnia's Prince Caspian. Christine told me there were so many giggles and much laughter. Just like 7 year olds. Isn't it wonderful. Sienna is enjoying the Narnia books.

A couple of years ago we watched many times Lion, witch and the wardrobe and Sienna has developed the love for this story so I bought her the book to read. Of course she has almost finished it. Gee I would have loved to have had the opportunity to read these at age 7.

To her delight she also got from her mum and dad in line roller skates. During the morning on the Monday, her birthday, she received many phone calls from family in Sydney. So what is a girl to do......take the calls while on her skates. How do they do this. I have trouble just standing on 2 feet let alone on skates and talk at the same time.... I love her so much.

In the evening we all went to Hogs Breath at Mooloolabah. We had a great meal as you do there.
Sienna was thrilled when the Ice Cream came out with a sparkler on it and the staff came over to her and sang Happy birthday to her..... What a delight for a little girl.

Once we came home we had to deal with Open House times and after just 3 weeks our house has sold. Amazing in this time of interest rate rises etc......
We are really pleased and so now we have purchased a house in Buderim. It is just so nice and Bob will have his own office doown the back so he will still feel like he is going to work without the 45 - 60 minute drive. (also save heaps in petrol costs) We are very excited to be moving north to the warmer weather, not having the constant Arthritis issues, a single story home and the bonus of being with Christine Andrew and the 3 grandchildren that we love so much. It will be very hard to leave Jennifer at this time.
Once she has her baby she is going to come up to Qld too and so we will be a complete family.
I will be coming down to help Jenny whenever needed and to be with her when she has the baby.
I am thrilled to be having a new grandchild in February 2009.

All the legals etc are in place and now the big saga of packing and culling begins. At this stage we will settle both homes on or about the 4th August.

Needles to say I have not done any sewing but enjoying lots of baby knitting.

BFN Lorraine H