Monday, June 15, 2009

The winner of the Giveaway

Good Morning all,

The winner of my giveaway is Bec Clarke of Tumbarumba in NSW.
Please contact me with your snail mail so I can mail your parcel.
I wish I could send you all a gift.
When I have my next giveaway please enter again.

Happy quilting
BFN Lorraine H

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie World part 2

The Stunt show was great but Mattie found the cars very CLOSE and LOUD!
After lunch we watched the Parade.

To end the day Andrew and Bob went on the Batman verticle ride, straight up in no time flat. I am glad it was them and not me!

They both said it was great and lots of fun.
By the time we arrived back at Chris and Andy's place we were all very tired and ready for bed.
It was a great day and Sienna enjoyed the start of her birthday celebrations.
Today is her birthday and went off to school with 30 cup cakes to share with her clas members. Where has the 8 years gone. She is growing into a most beautiful girl.
Happy 8th Birthday Sienna.

Queens Birthday Long Weekend

Greetings all,

What a good weekend. Beautiful days, so clear and sunny.
Sienna is having a birthday and turning 8. As her gift from the family we all went to Movieworld on the southern outskirts of Brisbane. A 1 and a 1/2 hours journey from here.
We were all very excited about the day and it was such good fun.
Bob and I won a doggy soft toy for the girls and then Miss Sienna won a dog on a lead for Logan. (soft toy kind) Logan loves toy dogs so he was happy. The Wellfares all got to go on the Dodgem cars.
Next was the Loony Tunes show with Bugs Bunny, Silvester, Daffy Duck and Tweety Pie, the girls called him Sweety Pie. A nice alternative.

Then we lined up for an hour for rides on the Taxi rides. Sienna and Mattie were fine but I did not think Logan would be able to drive his car. WRONG! He just put his foot down on the floor button and was off like an experienced driver


I will close the giveaway on Saturday June 12th at 4pm.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sewn Giveaway

Greetings all,

Just a quick post. My giveaway wil be a pack of papers, fabric and thread to get you going in the world of paper piecing.
Will take a photo later today and will post .
BFN Lorraine H

Monday, May 25, 2009

SCQ sightings on the weekend

Greetings all again,

Isn't it funny when you do not see another SCQ person (except Sharron that I see every week) then in a weekend there are three.

On Saturday night we met Sharron and her (DH dear husband)Lee, for dinner at a resturant in Maroochydore pre planned.
Bob and I walked in and there was Fran Williams and her DH from Launceston in Tasmania sitting at the next table. It was great to see Fran and Graham again after a long time.We could have made execitive decisions as we 3 are holders of positions on SCQ.

This morning another axe murderer called in to spend the day with me.
Cath Midson from Sydney is on her way to Coolum (just up the road) to a week retreat with machine embroiders. I was Cath's Angel last year. Her machine embroidery is quite amazing. I have never done that type of work before so it was good to have "Chantelle" (show and tell)
The weather has been quite nasty up here during the past week. We even had 8 inches of rain in 24 hours, needless to say I will not be watering the gardening this week.
Each Friday after I take Logan for his swimming lesson we have been going to the beach at Mooloolaba. The sun was so good and we had a great time playing in the rock pools and making sand castles

On Wednesday I am going to visit Jasmine's Mum again as she also lives in Buderim. What a great Lady she is too. Just like Jasmine.

To make this even more quilty I have not done any piecing of my Japanese quilt blocks for almost 2 weeks now. Maybe this week.

Bob goes to Sydney today so I should be able to do some of my degree study done and finish my Japanese blocks (3left to do)
Well enough from me for this time.
Hope you are all happy and well,
BFN Lorraine H

The trees in Buderim create beautiful shade when walking in the main shopping street o
They all did a great job of presenting their work in the school Library.

Greetings my friends

My time to post again,
As ever I have been a busy little person.
Matahra has been explorering the Art scene.
As an excersion the year 1 children went on a visit to the Brisbane Art Gallery and the contempary Art gallery.
As a part of the unit all the children made their own canvas, then had an evening Art gallery show with all the works, food drinks for both students and adults. There was live music compliments of the music students, violins, pianos and flutes.
It was a wonderful evening. There were Jackson Pollock, Picasso and Mondrian.

Last Post Photos

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Last couple of Weeks

Good morning friends,
Today is a pleasant getting warm day. I did not think it would cool down so much in the evenings here. The mornings are cool but warms up quickly.

As usual I have been a busy little thing the past couple of weeks.
Mothers Day pressies were on the list in Sienna's class. It was fun making Jewellery boxes made of paddle pop sticks for their Mums. The children loved doing this activity over a couple of weeks and all went well and I did enjoy the conversations and laughter from the kids. They call me Lorraine as I don't want it to be a formal "School thing" Often as I am picking up the girls at the end of their school day I hear a loud voice calling Hello Lorraine, one the the class kids. It makes my heart sing a little.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to the Ginger Factory at Yandina for lunch and an afternon of Jazz. It was great! Boy were there lots of people there all enjoying the surroundings and more the live Jazz. There was a main lady singing and she introduced 5 ladies who all had their time to sing. They were accompanied by a 3 piece band, Double Base, Guitar and Drums.It was great.

I have this crazy thing to need to knit and crochet at present so I made Jennifer a teapot cosie.
Now I have the wool I purchased from Bendigo Wollen Mills at a really great price I am starting a crocheted Babette Blanket.

Last Monday was the last day for my classes at Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen. It has been a good class and I need to finish 2 blocks out of 35 and I can piece it together. Sienna has made a block so I am going to include it in the quilt. Not bad for a 7 y.o. There are 17 Sashiko blocks and 18 Indigo pieced blocks. Many have had 1 inch squares in them.

Mothers Day here was lovely. We had an early (8.30 am) reservation at Bambu Cafe at Sippy Downs, just up the street from where Christine and Andrew live. It was sunny and warm and good food. The good part of going there is that there is a wonderful garden centre connected and lots of lovely garden bits and pieces there too.
Bob bought me some Pandora pieces and Christine Andy and the kids gave me a Dusk set of scented sticks. Jennifer gave Bob my gift to bring back. He had spent the week in Sydney for work. I received 2 lovely glass candle holders and some warm socks.
We went back to Chris's place for a little time and came home for the afternoon.

I have photos of all so when I download them I will post them.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a friend (Jasmine from SCQ) mother. What a beautiful Lady she is. Full of knowledge of family and her life of living a farm life in the Mallee in Victoria. Her husband died when she was a mere 38 y.o. I am in such awe of such a wonderful person. Not sure of her age but I guess she would be in her 80's and a very sharp mind. Val plays the piano every single day. AMAZING!!

Will close for now and wish you all a happy (quilty) week.

BFN Love and Hugs
Lorraine H

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long time away from blogging

Greetings all,

I must apologise for my tardiness in not blogging.
Life here has been somewhat crazy for a little while.
While Christine was at Kleenmaid her shift times changed several times which meant that I needed to help out with the children's transport needs a bit more.

Would you believe that Chris left there the week before they closed down. She is still missing a months salary but the big news is that Christine is the new Branch Manager for the Sunshine Coast White Lady Funerals.
We are thrilled for her as it is her passion in which she excells and puts in 150%.

The branch is not set up and furnished yet and should take about 7 weeks to complete so until then she is a part of Noosa Drysdale Funerals. There is much work for her to set up the branch with all the office, works, computers etc. I guess she is going to be a busy lady.
Of course her appointment came the week before Easter and so the school hols were enjoyed by Gran as holiday entertainer. It was such a good time with the girls and Logan.
We had lots of lunches out and trips to the beach and Underwater World of which we all have an anual pass.

I had a wonderful surprise on the Wednesday evening before Easter. My beautiful Daughter Jennifer arrived to spend Easter with us. It made my heart sing to have her here for 5 days. We did nice things together and on the the Saturday the whole family, 8 of us braved the rain and did the Gympie Rattler. A stem train ride that took most of the day. It was much fun and I think Logan took days after to get over the ride and being able to get up to see where the Engine Master drives the train.
He is a very big fan of Thomas the Tank trains as are Matahra and Sienna.
We adults also had a ball. The best part was that the rain held off for most of the day.

On Easter Sunday we had a fun time doing an Easter Egg hunt. The children had heaps of fun and so did some adults, namely Bob, Jennifer, Christine and Gran.

The next few days were different though with 9 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. It saved me having to water the garden for a while.

I have also been a little busy beaver doing a lovely Japanese sampler quilt at the Patchwork Angel,
So far I have done 4 day classes and have 2 to go. There are 17 blocks of Sashiko and I have done 13 so far. and 18 pieced blocks and I have done 12 of those. Sienna is making a block to go in the quilt too so I am thrilled to add it to my quilt. Maybe she will inherit it some day, once it is completed.

I have also done a machine quilting class which was lots of fun and a task I will have to practice to perfect.

My other BIG news is that I am studying again....I am doing a 2 year "Professional Children's Writing" course I am not sure why other than I would love to write stories for Intellectually disabled children..
In all the time I was teaching special Educ there was no specific readers for them and I used to scrounge books from anywhere. So that is my very big challenge.

Our days are just beautiful at present. We have had 6 glorious sunny warm days and cool nights that are great for sleeping.

Bobby is as usual busy at work down in his office. The children kept him going by lots of visits in the holidays. He is going to Melbourne for the ANZAC weekend. A dear old friend Bill who is 92 served on a few of the old ships in the 2nd WW and Bob served on some of the new ships.
Bob wanted to spend ANZAC Day with Bill. He is not well enough to march any more but will go with Bob to the local RSL for a service then they will go back to Bill's home to watch the march. He is a dear man and a very proud one too. We met Bill on a cruise we did for our 2nd wedding anniversary. He reninds us of how we had a cocktail party and invited the Captain and his wife, who of course came. A funny thing was when we ran out of champagne the Capt. rang and ordered more to be sent to our little "DO" Bill loved it.

Well I shall add some photos wherever they appear.(I have no control of yet.

Til next time,

BFN, Lorraine H

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Hot Day

Greetings all,
A very hot day here. On a somber note I am really sad and terribly concerned about the people of Victoria who have lost everything, more sadly lost many family members. Nothing in the world could be worse.

Bob had surgery on his knee on Friday so he is hobbling around for a while. His stems from a motorbike accident in 1974.

I have been getting some quilty things done. I have finished the first embroidery block "La Ville" of my Paris/France Wall quilt.There are another 11 to go. I have joinedthe SCQ atc group. (Souther Cross Quilters Artist Trading cards). They are 2/12 inches by 31/2 inches, quite little. So far I have made 3 and have received one from Sue McPhee. As well I am still doing hexagons. I do think I will ever have enough of them but I do enjoy making them. At present I am making mauve/purple ones.

This morning my "Water Tank Herb Garden" was delivered. Once I have my herbs planted I should be able to supply the whole district with herbs it is so big. I am looking forward to getting them planted.

The photos are of my ATC's and the last photo is of a Hibiscus I planted just before Christmas. I love the brightnes of the colour.
I shall close for this time and wish everyone a safe good week.
BFN LorraineH

At Last my photos from my last post

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day

Greetings all,
We had a nice Aussie Day here on the not so sunny coast. The afternoon was spent at Christine and Andrew's home with them and the 3 children.
Mattie was dressed in her Aussie pants. Logan in red white and blue. When we arrived he had to wear my Aussie hat. It was a weee bit big. Our BBQ was of course sausages, steak and salad. Then I had made a huge pavlova with lots of yummy Australian fruits.
There was no room for the lamingtons. The girls will devour them today.
Tomorrow they commence school for the year. Both are so keen to get back there with their new teacher and their old friends. Matahra wears a dress this year and looks so beautiful. Gosh she is growing so quickly. Sienna has her first top tooth dangling by a thread. I could not convince her to let me touch it. Not even for $2.00
She goes into year 3 and is so keen to learn, I love it.
Today I am in the throse of covering her books. Can you believe I actually love covering books. Must be the teacher in me or whatever. It is fun!!
Last week we had some time with Jenny. She had some treatments and I was glad to be there for her. It was oh so hot but not the humidity of our area..
Jenny took us to a fabulous place on Satuday morning, "The Bourke Street Bakery" Mascot one..It has heaps of French breads and to die for Lemon Curd tarts and little Rhubarb and almond tarts. Of course I did have to sample one of each. Jenny gets around Sydney so well. The place scares me so much but I guess she is used to the Eastern Suberbs. She lives at Kennsington. Oh I did have to visit "Peters" as it is just up the Street and had its annual sale on too.
My garden has gone bonkers with all the rain that has been here all last week.
Everything is growing before my eyes.
I am reading the "Hospital by the River" It is an amazing read. I recommend it.
Well back to the books.
Til next time,
BFN Lorraine H