Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures of our Home

Our new fences we had put in a few weeks ago.

The front of the house. Notice the sunny blue sky.

Looking up to the house from Bob's office
Back again,
Wow I can't stay away.
I thought I would add some photos of our new home....
BFN Lorraine H

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey Again Hope you like the new blog

Hi again,

I do hope you all like my new look Blog. A really great girl in Canada did it all for me. I love it.
My new photo Bob took while we were at Mapleton just west of here last Sunday.

Last week we had the pleasure of having Meryl and Stan come for a visit. Meryl is a very special quilting friend.

Bob's boss Peter and his wife Hellen came to visit on the Thursday. It was great to be able to show them our new abode. All were very impressed. It was so good to see them too.
I really love being here in sunny,warm Queensland. It is the best thing we could have done. I am so happy and the climate is delightfullly warm and oh so sunny.
Many things have happened in the last few weeks. Matahra had her 6th Birthday and had a lovely party with her little friends from her school class. They did plaster fun, had their faces painted, made bead bracelets and ate very well with lots of fruits and apple juice, some sweets, and of course some little frankfurts. They were so busy that the time went really fast and it all ended without a worry.

Christine Andrew and Logan went to Sydney for a wedding so we were lucky and had the 2 girls. Mattie was very pleased when we told her we would take her to Mooloolabah to Hogs Breath (Her favoutite) for her B'day dinner. It was a great dinner.
The day after it was Logan's 3rd birthday and because Christine was starting a new job on his birthday we celebrated his day on the Sunday. He was so proud to be the special Birthday boy.

The Monday was a pupil free day and as Christine had her first day we had the 3 children. It was lovely. Monday night Bob went to Sydney for the week.

I was the chief Taxi person for the week. It was all good fun (although busy) swimming lessons X 3, cheer leading X1, Kindy orientation on Friday for Logan.
I must admit I did sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon before picking up Bob from the Airport.
On the quilting front I have decided it was about time to finish some UFO'S so when they are completed I will post photo's. I would like to finish 1 each month. That is a big ask but I will try.
I promise I will mot leave my posting so long from now on.
Til next time,
BFN Lorraine H