Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day

Greetings all,
We had a nice Aussie Day here on the not so sunny coast. The afternoon was spent at Christine and Andrew's home with them and the 3 children.
Mattie was dressed in her Aussie pants. Logan in red white and blue. When we arrived he had to wear my Aussie hat. It was a weee bit big. Our BBQ was of course sausages, steak and salad. Then I had made a huge pavlova with lots of yummy Australian fruits.
There was no room for the lamingtons. The girls will devour them today.
Tomorrow they commence school for the year. Both are so keen to get back there with their new teacher and their old friends. Matahra wears a dress this year and looks so beautiful. Gosh she is growing so quickly. Sienna has her first top tooth dangling by a thread. I could not convince her to let me touch it. Not even for $2.00
She goes into year 3 and is so keen to learn, I love it.
Today I am in the throse of covering her books. Can you believe I actually love covering books. Must be the teacher in me or whatever. It is fun!!
Last week we had some time with Jenny. She had some treatments and I was glad to be there for her. It was oh so hot but not the humidity of our area..
Jenny took us to a fabulous place on Satuday morning, "The Bourke Street Bakery" Mascot one..It has heaps of French breads and to die for Lemon Curd tarts and little Rhubarb and almond tarts. Of course I did have to sample one of each. Jenny gets around Sydney so well. The place scares me so much but I guess she is used to the Eastern Suberbs. She lives at Kennsington. Oh I did have to visit "Peters" as it is just up the Street and had its annual sale on too.
My garden has gone bonkers with all the rain that has been here all last week.
Everything is growing before my eyes.
I am reading the "Hospital by the River" It is an amazing read. I recommend it.
Well back to the books.
Til next time,
BFN Lorraine H

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Row of the quilt

Sienna's beginnings as a quilter

Matahra does Tinkerbelle

Week of the 5th to 9th January
Greetings all,
Happy New year to all my friends and family. I wish you great happiness and good health for the year 2009.
The week started of by having Matahra stay over. She is a happy soul. She loves to help where ever I am not to mention have afternoon tea at Gloria's Buderim.There are always little notes left everwhere she goes around the house. We did watch Tinkerbelle together both wearing our Tinkerbelle T Shirts.

Tuesday and Wednesday Sienna had her turn at visiting. Her Nintendo got a very big workout and she even taught me a little on how it works.
Her BIG statement while we were having lunch at Buderim Cafe was quote" I would like to make a Quilt Gran!" Well I almost fell off the chair.
So what does a Gran do.... We went to the Patchwork Angelat Forest Glen and Sienna chose her fabric, a 5 inch square charm pack, a pair of scissors, some matching thread, some pins, needles and a ruler.
When we got home I put it into her special quilt box, added a marking pencil and then we were off to start.
All the fabric has 1/4 inch lines to sew on, pinned 2 pieces together and she is off and stitching. Her stitches are not quite as small as mine but I am so proud of her. I can pass on lots of quilting techniques not to mention my stash that she is already looking at for more squares.

Thursday saw me laze in bed and read. Bob gave me Dr Chris O'Briens book "Never say die" It is a good read so far. I was given several books for Christmas so it means many lazy mornings resting in bed and reading. What more could a Dr order.....
Somehow I have had a bright idea that I might like to make some Artsist Trading cards. (silly me) Now I know how to do them I am going to give them a go.
Getting inspiration as to what fabrics and embellishments to add is my big worry. I am sure something will come to mind.
So, until next we meet,
BFN Lorraine H