Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long time away from blogging

Greetings all,

I must apologise for my tardiness in not blogging.
Life here has been somewhat crazy for a little while.
While Christine was at Kleenmaid her shift times changed several times which meant that I needed to help out with the children's transport needs a bit more.

Would you believe that Chris left there the week before they closed down. She is still missing a months salary but the big news is that Christine is the new Branch Manager for the Sunshine Coast White Lady Funerals.
We are thrilled for her as it is her passion in which she excells and puts in 150%.

The branch is not set up and furnished yet and should take about 7 weeks to complete so until then she is a part of Noosa Drysdale Funerals. There is much work for her to set up the branch with all the office, works, computers etc. I guess she is going to be a busy lady.
Of course her appointment came the week before Easter and so the school hols were enjoyed by Gran as holiday entertainer. It was such a good time with the girls and Logan.
We had lots of lunches out and trips to the beach and Underwater World of which we all have an anual pass.

I had a wonderful surprise on the Wednesday evening before Easter. My beautiful Daughter Jennifer arrived to spend Easter with us. It made my heart sing to have her here for 5 days. We did nice things together and on the the Saturday the whole family, 8 of us braved the rain and did the Gympie Rattler. A stem train ride that took most of the day. It was much fun and I think Logan took days after to get over the ride and being able to get up to see where the Engine Master drives the train.
He is a very big fan of Thomas the Tank trains as are Matahra and Sienna.
We adults also had a ball. The best part was that the rain held off for most of the day.

On Easter Sunday we had a fun time doing an Easter Egg hunt. The children had heaps of fun and so did some adults, namely Bob, Jennifer, Christine and Gran.

The next few days were different though with 9 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. It saved me having to water the garden for a while.

I have also been a little busy beaver doing a lovely Japanese sampler quilt at the Patchwork Angel,www.patchworkangel.com.au
So far I have done 4 day classes and have 2 to go. There are 17 blocks of Sashiko and I have done 13 so far. and 18 pieced blocks and I have done 12 of those. Sienna is making a block to go in the quilt too so I am thrilled to add it to my quilt. Maybe she will inherit it some day, once it is completed.

I have also done a machine quilting class which was lots of fun and a task I will have to practice to perfect.

My other BIG news is that I am studying again....I am doing a 2 year "Professional Children's Writing" course I am not sure why other than I would love to write stories for Intellectually disabled children..
In all the time I was teaching special Educ there was no specific readers for them and I used to scrounge books from anywhere. So that is my very big challenge.

Our days are just beautiful at present. We have had 6 glorious sunny warm days and cool nights that are great for sleeping.

Bobby is as usual busy at work down in his office. The children kept him going by lots of visits in the holidays. He is going to Melbourne for the ANZAC weekend. A dear old friend Bill who is 92 served on a few of the old ships in the 2nd WW and Bob served on some of the new ships.
Bob wanted to spend ANZAC Day with Bill. He is not well enough to march any more but will go with Bob to the local RSL for a service then they will go back to Bill's home to watch the march. He is a dear man and a very proud one too. We met Bill on a cruise we did for our 2nd wedding anniversary. He reninds us of how we had a cocktail party and invited the Captain and his wife, who of course came. A funny thing was when we ran out of champagne the Capt. rang and ordered more to be sent to our little "DO" Bill loved it.

Well I shall add some photos wherever they appear.(I have no control of yet.

Til next time,

BFN, Lorraine H