Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buderim Ginger Factory, flower festival

Greetings all,

Last Saturday we visited the Ginger factory Flower Festival. The flowers there were amazing. All were forms of the Ginger plant which were quite big. We had rain at Christmas which helped the flowers to bloom.

This week we have had heaps of rain (8 inches) which was very much needed. We hadn't had any rain apart from a few days at Christmas for many months which is most unusual for this part of the land.

Needless to say we were very greatful for it all.
That is all for this post, so til next time
BFN Lorraine H


Monday, February 1, 2010

Well there it is, catching up on a bit. I am still not getting this the way I would like.
I will keep trying.
So until next post I wish you all a happy week.
BFN Lorraine H

Part 2

>No! the bottles are not the children drinks.(They were the mens)
Christine and Jennifer sharing photos

These are the photos of 2 wall hangings I made for Christmas.

Bob bought Sienna,Mattie and Logan a trampoline for Christmas. He was worn out putting it together.

I made a quilt for Logan's birthday in October and he thought it was a Christmas present....Well it was only a few weeks late.....better late than never I say.<


Greetings all,

I am sorry I have been slack on my blogspot but I have had all sorts of problems with it. Maybe my mind is altering somewhat!

Nevermind here we are 1st February 2010.

We had a lovely start to the year with dinner at our favourite resturant at Mooloolaba. Hot Pippis is right opposite the beach. We had the early seating so the GK's could see the fireworks at 8.30pm The night was warm and balmy with a soft sea breeze blowing.