Monday, February 9, 2009

A Hot Day

Greetings all,
A very hot day here. On a somber note I am really sad and terribly concerned about the people of Victoria who have lost everything, more sadly lost many family members. Nothing in the world could be worse.

Bob had surgery on his knee on Friday so he is hobbling around for a while. His stems from a motorbike accident in 1974.

I have been getting some quilty things done. I have finished the first embroidery block "La Ville" of my Paris/France Wall quilt.There are another 11 to go. I have joinedthe SCQ atc group. (Souther Cross Quilters Artist Trading cards). They are 2/12 inches by 31/2 inches, quite little. So far I have made 3 and have received one from Sue McPhee. As well I am still doing hexagons. I do think I will ever have enough of them but I do enjoy making them. At present I am making mauve/purple ones.

This morning my "Water Tank Herb Garden" was delivered. Once I have my herbs planted I should be able to supply the whole district with herbs it is so big. I am looking forward to getting them planted.

The photos are of my ATC's and the last photo is of a Hibiscus I planted just before Christmas. I love the brightnes of the colour.
I shall close for this time and wish everyone a safe good week.
BFN LorraineH

At Last my photos from my last post